External Transfer

3/1/2024 5:21:39 PM

Transferring to the College

1 -The college council sets policies for accepting the transfer of students studying outside the college, and approves applications submitted in this regard. 

2 -It is permissible, by decision of the college council based on the recommendations of the Student Affairs Department and the academic council of the department, to accept transferred students from accredited universities, university colleges, or higher university institutes under the following conditions:

The current major of the student and the major s\he would like to transfer to in the college shall be the same

- The student shall successfully complete two semesters or a full academic year at an accredited university, university college, or higher university institute and his\her GPA shall not be less than (2) two points, i.e. (70%)

- The student shall meet the admission requirements of the college

- Availability of seats according to the admission policies

- The university, college or higher institute shall be one of the higher education institutions that apply the attendance system

- The student must not be expelled due to a disciplinary dismissal.

- His\her high school average shall not be less than the average required for Bachelor of Sharia or Bachelor of Law. 


3. The college council approves the courses studied in the previous institution, as recommended by the relevant academic department, according to a form prepared for this purpose by the Department of Student Affairs and Media, which shall be attached in the student’s file and his\her e-record. For course equivalency, the student's average in each course shall be at least (2) two points or (70%).


4. The maximum number of credit hours that may be equivalized for the transferred student is (50%) of the total credit hours of the bachelor program.


5. The grades of the courses equivalized according to the transfer system will not be included in the student’s GPA. The phrase (equivalized) will be written in the student’s academic record parallel to these courses.


6. The student whose transfer is accepted will be referred to his\her academic advisor, after getting the approval of the course equivalency form and taking a copy to proceed in the registration process.

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