Failure to Attend an Exam

3/1/2024 5:32:11 PM
  1. If a student does not fail a course due to unexcused absence or withdraw due to excused absence, and s\he keeps attending the course classes and doing the classwork, then fails to attend the final exam, the college council in this case makes its decision according to the following:

  1. If the college council confirms that the student failed to attend the final exam without an excuse or with an unacceptable excuse, the Council decides that the student fails the course. 

  2. If the college council confirms that the student failed to attend the final exam due to an illness or a compelling reason, and his\her results in the semester are within the required average, the council gives the student an (incomplete) grade as the final result of the course, and notify the Student Affairs Department of that.

  1. The student who gets an (incomplete) grade in one course or more, shall remove this grade before the beginning of the next semester according to deadlines set by the college council, by taking a make-up exam instead of the one s\he failed to attend, according to the approved schedule. The academic affairs will be informed of the exam result during this period to be recorded, otherwise, his\her failure will be confirmed. 

  2. If the excuse does not disappear before the beginning of the next semester, and the student who gets an incomplete result fails to take the make-up exam as scheduled, the Academic Affairs will confirm the result (withdrawn) for the course. 

  3. The results of removing the (incomplete) grades, as described above, will be published in the student’s records in the semester of studying the course.


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